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Welcome to my personal blog, where I share my passion for React, Next.js, web development, and productivity. As a developer living in Lausanne and working at Proton in Geneva, I am constantly seeking out new and exciting ways to create innovative web solutions that help individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

Through this blog, I aim to share my knowledge and insights with others who share the same passion for web development. From tips and tricks for working with React and Next.js, to strategies for improving productivity and efficiency, I cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to today's web development landscape.

I believe that web development is a constantly evolving field, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Through my blog, I hope to inspire others to do the same, and to help them achieve their own web development goals.

So whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey of discovery and innovation. Let's work together to create a better, more connected web for everyone.

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Work experience

Frontend engineer, Proton

12/22 - present | Geneva

I was the only frontend engineer in the activation team, which was part of the Inbox team. My primary responsibility was to own the code of the entire package. I undertook a major refactoring of the package, working closely with the team to improve its efficiency, maintenance, and reliability. The result was a successful update that benefited the wider organization.

Overall, it was a challenging but rewarding experience. I was pleased to have played a significant role in the success of the activation team and the Inbox team. Our work on the package's refactoring led to improved functionality, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The successful outcome of our efforts demonstrated the importance of effective collaboration and a deep understanding of the codebase and technical requirements.

Technical project manager, Coteries

01/2021 – 11/22 | Lausanne

I have experience managing projects that span several months and accurately estimating the scope of large-scale applications. In addition, I contributed to the improvement of internal company processes by identifying potential issues and implementing effective solutions. I also played a role in the development of complex web applications, delivering quality solutions that met business and customer needs.

My experience in project management and web development has enabled me to provide critical support for the growth and success of the company. By delivering innovative solutions and improving internal processes, I helped the company to achieve its goals and deliver value to its clients.

Software developer, tooyoo

12/2019 – 08/2020 | Lausanne

I played an active role in the development of a complex web application, contributing to its successful completion by simplifying problematic parts of the code and automating tests to increase coverage. My focus on delivering quality solutions and supporting the Product Owner helped to ensure that the project was completed efficiently and effectively.

By providing critical support and expertise in web development, I helped to ensure the project's success. My efforts to simplify the code implementation and automate tests resulted in an application that performed optimally and was reliable. Additionally, my support of the PO enabled the development team to meet the product requirements, delivering the project on time and within budget. Overall, my contributions were instrumental in the project's success and demonstrated my expertise in web development and project management.

Software developer, Coteries

01/2019 – 11/2019 | Lausanne

I have extensive experience in web and mobile development, having actively participated in the development of multiple applications across various industries. My skills in coding, testing, and deployment, as well as my knowledge of industry standards and best practices, make me well-equipped to deliver high-quality solutions.

In addition to my development work, I have experience in technical documentation, including active documentation of complex medical projects. I have also contributed to specification definition for international clients, honing my communication and negotiation skills to collaborate effectively with clients and teams across different industries and countries. My diverse experience in development, technical documentation, and specification definition has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to deliver results for a variety of projects.